Botanical Extract for
Food and Beverage

With our cutting-edge equipment and experienced specialists, we have a diverse portfolio of botanical extracts that are carefully researched and developed to enhance your products with additional flavours, colours and functional benefits. You can also choose to customise botanical extracts to meet specific consumer needs- soluble in cold or hot temperatures, containing certified and distinct raw ingredients with unique notes.

All our botanical extracts are produced using meticulously controlled extraction techniques and fresh ingredients, to provide flavours close to the original essence.

Recommended Applications

Ready to Drink

Instant Powders

Dairy Products

Confectionary and

Baked Goods
and Cereals

Our Full Range of Botanical Extracts

Tea, herbal and fruit extracts

Strong infusions

Tea Flavors

Tea, Herbal and Fruit Extracts

We provide a varied range of quality extracts, derived from herbs and fruits which are full of flavours, colours and benefits, to complement your products. With our unique processing method, you can taste the unique aroma of fragrant plants, without any typical bitter taste or metallic texture.

Strong Infusions

Our product specialists and quality control team has developed a diverse portfolio of strong infusions. Instead of conventional brewing processes, our unique processing method allows the full extent of the original flavour to be extracted, producing a much more flavourful, strong infusion.

Tea Flavors

We also produce natural tea-flavoured botanical extracts, such as the green and black tea variety, in both powder and liquid form. Our high quality, tea-flavoured extracts are almost colourless and caffeine-free, as well as versatile-suitable to be combined with other food and beverage to produce better-tasting, appealing products.