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About Bolido Food

Bolido Food is a complete B2B solution provider, specialising in developing and supplying soluble Food and Beverage ingredients such as instant coffee, tea, non-dairy creamer and more, to manufacturers, suppliers and brand owners in both global and local markets...

Our Main Products

We specialise in the development, production and supply of F&B ingredients in powder form, such as

Instant Coffee

Our soluble coffee retains most of the aroma and flavours from freshly roasted coffee beans.

Non Dairy Creamer

Our non-dairy creamer dissolves easily in beverages, making them tastier and thicker for drinkers.

Instant Tea

Our instant teas are not only tasty, but is satisfying and beneficial for tea drinkers.


Sugar is essentially crystallised sucrose that sweetens dishes and drinks. It also improves flavour, texture and decoration.

Plant-Based Milk

Perfect for lactose-intolerant or vegan customers, provides a naturally sweet and creamy taste without any added sugars.

Custom Make

Your Own Blend.

Whether you want to infuse a specialty ingredient or need a healthy formulation,
we can help you develop innovative solutions for beverages, dairy and more.

Other Products

Botanical Extract for
Food & Beverage

Botanical Raw
Material and Powders


Botanical Extracts, Raw Material
and Powders for Animal Nutrition

Have Specific

Come discuss with our product experts to see how we can help you develop your ideal product, in the most cost-effective way.