Sugar is essentially crystallised sucrose that sweetens dishes and drinks. It also improves flavour, texture and decoration.

One of the most important ingredient in baking, sugar helps baked goods achieve a softer, tender, finer texture, with an appetising golden-brown colour.

Our Full Range of Cane Sugar

Unlike common granulated sugar which come from sugar beets, our cane sugar is minimally produced and solely sourced from sugarcane, with a darker colour and slightly larger grain. Our manufacturing expertise ensures that our sugar is consistent in colour, size, texture and taste.

Refined Sugar

Also known as multi-purpose, granulated, table or white sugar, refined sugar is the most common type of sugar used in baking and cooking, with unlimited shelf life. Refined sugar is used for making sauces, desserts, marinades, beverages and more.

Coarse Sugar

With a larger crystal size than regular sugar, coarse sugar is highly resistant to inversion and colour change, at baking and cooking temperatures, making it ideal for making liquors, confections and fondants.

Soft Brown Sugar

Our soft sugars are sieved, refined and filtered before blended, then coated with our exclusive syrup and treacle mixture to produce its distinctive, amber brown colour. Soft brown sugar is popularly used in baking to add depth and flavour to cakes, pastries, sauces and more.

Low GI Sugar

For those with health concerns or weight watching, we also offer low GI sugar, created by spraying molasses extract (which takes longer to digest) onto raw sugar. Taking longer to digest, absorb and metabolise means causing a slower and lower spike in blood glucose and insulin levels, reducing the risks of diabetes and heart disease.

Liquid Sugar

Either made from melted granulated sugar or through high-grade refinery process, liquid sugar is best for food and beverage that needs sugar to be dissolved first, making it the secret ingredient to delectable cold drinks and cocktails.

Golden Syrup Sugar

A tasty, thick syrup with rich, unique flavour, golden syrup sugar is made when it crystallises from boiling sugar cane. Favoured in cooking certain recipes, such as puddings, tarts and savoury dishes and sauces.

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